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Marcela Dias is the founder of DMbymarcedias and Brazilian Tape Tan. Born in Brazil, she has known from a very young age the culture of tanning and the importance of image.

Her professional career began, after finishing Marketing and Commerce in Spain. In 2009 she with her first brand of personal shopper services in Spain, called MdShopper and continued specializing in Digital Marketing, finishing the degree in marketing and advertising.

Over time, her experience in fashion and marketing evolved, creating other companies such as Dishopping, a bikini sales site and her beauty salon Atelier Studio in Bilbao.

Her great passion has always been to help other women feel happy with her image and body, therefore, although she no longer offers personal shopper services, she continues to work to develop the well-being of other women.

She currently works in her personal brand dmbymarcedias where she collaborates with other brands and helps companies increase their online presence using digital marketing techniques. She also teaches and offers professional tanning services, using the famous Brazilian tape technique in her tanning services.

If you are interested in learning the Brazilian tanning technique with tape or need help in your social networks, get in touch on instagram @braziliantapetan and @dmbymarcedias.

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Hi, it’s been a while since my last blog post.

I have been working hard to complete others new projects for you.It’s been an interesting journey, lots of learning and big changes and I’m excited to get back on track with regular blog posts!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This space is for you!


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